Royal management consulting service Select is reputed as the leading Assessment Solution provider in West Africa. Year on year, organizations select us for innovative Assessment interventions across the entire employee lifecycle. With deep and broad experience in Assessment Design and Delivery, we have built immense capability in the area of helping our clients achieve their performance objectives through the strategic use of Assessment interventions.

Our offerings
• Pre-screening psychometric/ability tests and assessments
• Graduate/Early Career Assessments
• Employee Promotion Assessment
• Employee Competency Audit
• Product & Policy Knowledge Assessment
• Functional Competency Assessment
• Successor Identification
• Role Profiling/Success Profile Development
• Employee Surveys
• Performance appraisal
Royal Management Selects ‘Assess’ has become a household name in conducting assessments because our solutions have been proven to:
• Identify high potential talent (post-hire)
• Improve quality of hire (pre-hire)
• Identify competency gaps for each job role (post-hire)
• Make promotion decisions (post-hire)
• Drive training and development effectiveness (post-hire)
• Address pain-points (e.g. shallow knowledge of company products, policies or procedures) (post hire)
• Assure quality and business continuity through proper and effective succession planning (post-hire

Royal management Select Job.
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